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above the clouds, at an altitude between 2,700 and 3,500 metres, with roberto bertero on mount rocciamelone in italy’s susa valley.  said roberto, “a night spent in silence in the mountains at high altitudes, under an infinite starry sky, certainly makes us realize how marvellous it is to be part of something infinitely greater than ourselves.”

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Artist Tasha Lewis has created a street art project called Swarm the World, with the goal of spreading 4,000 blue, magnetic butterflies throughout the world. Find out how to get involved here.

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Hello Kitty

Does anybody else believe that Hello Kitty is just a little cray cray? 

While at Ralphs I couldn’t help but notice a 4 foot tall blow up Hello Kitty.  The sales associate agreed, “Shoot, you think Hello Kitty is having issues?  You know, like Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears?”

"I dunno," I replied. 

Looking back, I do recall that Hello Kitty really has deviated from her wholesome San Rio image.  I remember surfing the web and seeing products such as Hello Kitty condoms, Hello Kitty dildos, Hello Kitty punk tees, Hello Kitty Swarovski.

Shit.  Hello Kitty really sold out.  The San Rio gang really needs to hold an intervention for her. 

Here’s Hello Kitty’s latest meltdown.  Oh Hello Kitty…  If Britney can come home so can you. 

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Extraordinary conceptual photography by Christine Muraton

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Abandoned: Junkyard Photography by David A. Evans

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We be proud of our tongues, except Denny.  His don’t work too well. 

We be proud of our tongues, except Denny.  His don’t work too well. 

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